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A Note left for us, it made us cry

Dear Santa and Mrs. Claus,

         Our mom's and dad's have told us that if we were good this year you would brings us presents.  We weren't perfect, but we really tried.  We want to say how grateful we are for whatever you give.  Every year you make us feel so appreciated and we love everything you do.

         This year we want you to know a couple who deserve an especially good Christmas; Keith and Cindy Burton, our mom, dad, in-laws, etc. Last year our family gave them suits to greet the world as the Clauses in hopes that they spreadthe joy and cheer to others.  We are so moved by what they have accomplished.  They visited children, adults, family, and strangers spreading their holiday cheer.  We could not have imagined what great things they would do.  We are so glad we could help them along their way.  We are even more grateful that we get to hear these stories that move us.  The gift of giving is one that has touched our family's lives.

                                                         With our love and appreciation,

                                                        Adam, Andrea,

                                                        Heather, Jessica


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